LF Master 



A specialized serum that uses the potential of lactoferrin as protein with a known and documented benefits.

Lactoferrin has a multidirectional anti-ageing, protective and regulating effect. It stabilizes and restores the balance of the proper skin microbiome and stimulates repair processes. Enriching the formula with a conditioning complex of amino acids and colloidal gold strengthens the regenerative properties and increases the ability to retain water in the skin, creating optimal conditions for its proper functioning and maintaining a healthy appearance.

LF MASTER is a perfect complement to cosmetology treatments. The combination of lactoferrin and the Xanthohumol complex in PRO XN professional treatments complement each other’s action by supporting various dermal-repair mechanisms.



• alleviating acne vulgaris lesions

• normalization of the regeneration processes of damaged epidermis


Active ingredients: 


Complex of amino acids

Colloidal gold