Where the American scientists cannot tread, there the Polish ones will find the way

Xanthohumol has generated interest and emotion for many years. Interest—due to its successfully proven properties: it is a natural, powerful antioxidant, with the ability to not only radically slow down the processes of ageing, but also prevent the ischaemic disease and exert antifungal, antibacterial, and antiviral effects.

Emotion – because in spite of the efforts made by scientists all over the world, the methods of synthesis employed were not successful, as they did not allow to use the properties of the compound for example in cosmetic products. They required the use of a toxic reagent—MOMCI, and were disqualified because of that.

The breakthrough came in Poland

Our persistent work on a new, safe path of synthesis and stabilisation of Xanthohumol has led to the creation of a complex that has put an end to the previous problems. We have “lodged” the flavonoid inside cyclodextrin, which has become a type of a carrier, making the compound more bioavailable. As a result, it is released only in the skin cells, where we want it to act

This achievement is the product of the efforts of our scientific and business team of four members:

Aneta Czaplicka and Paulina Stopczyk, foundresses of DermoTech Beauty, who – with their pharma and cosmetology background—spotted the potential of the Xanthohumol molecule for use in professional skin care, and employed the complex to shape the cosmetic product under the brand “PRO XN.”

dr Mariusz Bosiak and dr Andrzej Wolan – experts in chemistry who specialise in isolating and synthesising natural compounds found in the world of plants.

It was important for us to make sure that the beauty parlours and salons in Poland are the first to benefit from our patented discovery, as we are creating this industry together and our cooperation can enhance the position of the Polish cosmetology in the world.

Your daily success achieved with PRO XN cosmetic products is a confirmation to us that our work and research serve their purpose.